Changing the world one muffin at a time.

What people are saying...

Yes. I want these instead of the mini cinnamon buns. -- Random child at Whole Foods Market tasting

I love the days when you're down in the kitchen because it always smells so homey and comforting when your muffins are in the oven! It made my day yesterday! -- Bailey W.

Your chocolate chip banana muffins are AMAZING! I recently had to go dairy free (doctor's orders) and these are a godsend! --Kiersta

I am so excited for you and the future of Banana Love Muffins as you have a flawless product and a foothold in a niche market that is rapidly expanding. -- Rebecca Layton Gunter (Operation Eatery)

I promptly made a cup of tea and was delighted at the moist yummy blueberry muffin. Fresh and extremely moist - hard to believe it has no eggs, fat or sugar! Delightful!  -- Cathy B.

Anyone who says these are the best vegan muffins is lying. These are the best muffins - period. -- Michael S.

These are the best vegan muffins you will ever eat. Moist, moist, banana, with chocolate chip are my fav. The mini ones are great in the freezer, on the run, grab two, and wow. Healthy. Very little if any fat.... My family loves them :) -- Lynn M.

We were so grateful to have your wonderful vegan muffins as a part of our breakfast spread!

I am confident that these tasty treats convinced more than one guest of just how delicious cruelty-free treats can be. – Wendy M.

My daughter was all ready to grab a Georgetown Cupcake for a snack at home until I told her I had some Banana Love Muffins! She made a dash for the BLMs and ate six mini chocolate chip BLMs before I had a chance to stop her! True story! Great muffins!!! –  Melissa U.

The blueberry banana muffins were indeed the best!  – Joyce W.

I had the good fortune to taste your mini muffins. They are delicious! And it's so great that they don't have refined sugar – Eric F.

The muffins were actually quite fantastic! -- I'm the worst fussy eater; suspicious of anything that's not artificially colored or flavored! My kids really loved them and I assume they are very healthy … right?  How do I order a dozen and how long will they last? – Anonymous

I tried your yummy banana muffins this morning, and would love to have some to put in stockings for Christmas. – Annie M.

You are the most accommodating ... and nicest muffin maker I have ever known  – Lynne T.

Your muffins are the best! – Anneli W.


We ordered several dozen banana w/chocolate chips for our daughter's baby shower...she's vegan and everyone LOVED them.... – Juliet Z. 


I've tasted Banana Love Muffins and they are so good! – Jill E.

Banana Love Muffins are already a huge hit with me -- so delicious! – Betsy W.


Best muffins I have ever had. B-Love leave all other muffins in the dust (and they are moist too) – Joseph C.


Your muffins are AMAZING! – Teri G


Wow!!! –  Hundreds of Grey DC muffin tasters