Changing the world one muffin at a time.

About Us

As a young teenager, one day I picked up a tattered cookbook in my mother’s kitchen, looked around to see what ingredients we had, and began making the most scrumptious banana bread. Gifting loaves and loaves of it over the years, people would say,  “This is the best banana bread I’ve ever had!”

“One day I’m going to start a banana bread business...” I would respond; guarding the recipe and the “secret ingredient.”


After adopting a vegan diet, I realized I had to adjust the recipe to be inline with my values, so out went the dairy and the eggs. Ever striving for optimal health, I began making other changes to the recipe; replacing the white sugar with dehydrated cane juice, switching to whole wheat flour, and removing the fat. And when I muffined it, the light bulb went off, and Banana Love Muffins was born.


Everyone deserves a delicious treat. Banana Love Muffins are perfect for people with egg or dairy allergies, who follow a vegan diet, or are concerned with the amount of fat, cholesterol, and refined sugar they are consuming. And even if you’re not concerned with any of that, you will love Banana Love Muffins, because they are really, really good.

Changing the world is hard work, but we’re doing it one delicious Banana Love Muffin at a time. Enjoy!